Create environment to development plugins for grafana

Hello guys, please help me: How to create environment to development plugins for grafana. Im using Window, but even when I install WSL I still can’t run the command: npx @grafana/create-plugin@latest

Hey @maiducphuc2001

I would say, create an Unix VM?
Unless you really want to stay on Windows, that would be the easiest way to solve your problem for me…

Did you try:

npx.cmd @grafana/create-plugin@latest


Thanks for reply me, but i did try your way but: Unsupported operating system ‘Windows’ detected. Please use WSL with create-plugin. For more info visit: Troubleshooting | Grafana Plugin Tools

The purpose of using WSL is to force Windows to “think” that unix command are okay with it (explained in a very simple way).

I know that the npx command is natively okay with Windows, please assure your npm package is up to date.

Can you show how did you configure your WSL environment and how you use it?

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Developing in windows is hard but doable

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