Grafana data export to excel


I have a dashboard with 3 tables and I want to export these table structure with data to an excel sheet. Please let me know how can we achieve this or is there any plugin for this. I am using Grafana 6.1.6 on windows machine.

Thanks in advance!


Hi @hrsourabh011

Newer versions of Grafana (7+, I believe) have an Export to CSV / Excel options inside the Inspect panel:


@mattabrams Thanks for the answer! I am aware of this option but I want to do it programmatically using python script or API endpoint.

not sure we have an http api endpoint to do this programmatically. Might make a nice enhancement, however!

Short of a new feature, maybe you can script something using Python/Selenium?

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@mattabrams As a workaround I am extracting the queries from the dashboard’s JSON definition and ran them directly from the python script, which then assembled the results into an excel. But it will be a nice feature if Grafana has HTTP API endpoint.

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