Grafana - Dashboard


I want to plot on the same Plotly, several different services (i.e., multiple queries). Is that possible? Are there any examples for live Dashboard plots on the web?
I try it and I can see only data from the first query and not the second one.

Thank you in advance,

Hello, are you trying to use Tempo with multiple queries? I’m not familiar with Plotly. Grafana supports creating dashboards with multiple queries from different data sources, if that is what you mean. What did you try with Tempo that failed?

Hello! I want to plot different queries from the same data source. However the plot shows me only the data related to the first query and not the second one. I also see the query that it runs from the query inspector, and I can see that it queries only for the first service (first query): url:“api/datasources/proxy/10/api/traces?service=filesizeBig&operation=StartWriteRequest&limit=1500&start=1644909337300000&end=1676445337300000&lookback=custom”

I want to note that in metrics I choose x axis to be the traceName. It seems to display the traceName of the first query and not that of the second one.
Screenshot 2023-02-16 at 11.54.29 AM