How can I plot different data in the same chart by replicating queries?

Hello, everyone.

I’m using the Grafana 10.2.3 version in Windows 11, and I’m trying to plot different data in the same chart using JSON API data source.

I bring data from my database through an API using JSON API data source and store it in a variable through selection of the tag, and then its value appears in my chart. But I want it to be able to show two or more different values of tags selected at the same time, but when I try to select two or more tags, it shows me the “no data” error.

Usign the endpoint my API gives me, I can only put as param one tag to get its value. But when I select two or more tags in Grafana, it concatenates them in the variable I’m using, what the API does not understand.

The solution I thought would help me is finding out a way to put those tags in different queries inside the chart edition automatically when I select them, but I’m still searching for it. I thought that maybe another data source would make me able to do this, so I tried using Infinity data source, but it also does not have this function.

Does anybody know a way I can replicate queries through selecting those tags? Or maybe another way to plot different data selected in the same chart in this case?

Thank you.