Grafana Dashboard shows no data unless a settings changes

I am creating a relatively simple dashboard through the API on Grafana Cloud, which is going flawlessly.
The data source is cloudwatch. Again, this appears to be set up fine.

My issue is as follows:
The dashboard is created, but has no data points on the cloudwatch data source.
If I go in to edit the dashboard, and change anything, or even click the “Query Inspector”, it suddenly receives data points and the graph shows correctly.

I’ve compared the JSON representation of the dashboard both before and after, to ensure that something hasn’t been changed, and indeed there are no changes.

This is really tripping me up, and I can’t seem to work it out.
Does anyone have any ideas, or further advice on how to debug?

For any future people who come to this topic with a similar problem, my solution was the following:

Cloudformation integration through the API does not give a validation error if you do not pass in a region. It accepts null blindly, and does not default to default. You must explicitly specify the region or default.

You must explicitly specify the region or default. Could you express it with simple term & example ? Thanks !