Grafana Dashboard panel thresholds

Hi folks. anyone have an example for a grafana dashboard panel that displays status of threshold post execution? for instance, see below. If the following thresholds below are not set to abortOnError yet the checks clearly failed how can I visually by label or color a failed test by threshold?

level=error msg=“thresholds on metrics ‘http_req_duration{test_type:gate_rush}, http_req_duration{test_type:peak}, vus_max’ have been crossed”
script returned exit code 99

Hey @PlayStay,
what output are you using? If you can pick anything then the extension for TimescaleDB supports the thresholds export. The project has a dedicated Grafana dashboard.
You can check the TimescaleDB page on the documentation.

Let me know if it helps.

Hey @codebein. Apologies. I’m using the Prometheus experimental output option.

I see from the timescaleDB extension doc it should be possible to conversely query thresholds success or failure using promQL in grafana UI. Hmmm I think I can tinker with that approach.


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