Grafana Dashboard Imrovements

Hello There,
First of all , Kudos to you guys developing such a fantastic monitoring tool .

I have couple of suggestions on the user experience side , Kindly conciser if this add further value to this tool.

  1. Variable Section/ Selection options in dashboard disappears once you scroll down . If we have a long dashboard this makes little bit inconvenient for the user to scroll all the way up to first page to start seeing the Variable Section. It would be nice if have an option to freeze the variable section similar to the time selection option.
  2. Dropdown section of the Variable (on dashboard) becomes empty once you have click the down arrow , it would be nice to have the last used value is stored there as default. This will help in case of if we have a large number items in drop downs and you want to quickly select the adjacent one of the last used value. The existing option again forces you to scroll after you clicked the down arrow.
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