Grafana creating invite , add users

I am using Grafana to connect to influxdb and visualize graphs on real time data. When I try to add users by clicking the add invite option, so that they can also see my dashboard, I copy the invite and send the link to them, but when they paste the link in their browser, my name doesn’t appear and it shows link not found.
I have no idea what further change I need to do in the SMTP file or should I not directly paste the link in their browser
Initial page where I create the request( I am not sure if I should change the address which is given as localhost)

The page where login link is added and nothing shows

Please let me know where should I make changes so that I can add users and moreover what address do I use instead of localhost at different places

Localhost is an alias for - your computer. If you send a link with localhost to someone else then it will try to connect to their localhost.

Where is Grafana installed? Is it installed on a device or server with an IP address that other people can access?

You should change your config file. I experienxe this too when it comes to email alert, when I click the alert it points me out to the localhost (, so just change your Host into something Static IP of the computer running the grafana, and make sure you send the link that is in local network.