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According to , as an organizational user it seems that I should be able to add new users to my organization using: http://grafana_site:3000/org/users

I tried and it seems that the invite is never sent. I tried to uncomment out and configure the SMTP section of the grafana.ini file, but nothing helps.

What I would really like is just add the user and not mess around with any invite. The page hints that it should be possible by using the “Skip sending invite email” check box, but I don’t see

To be able to send email invites you have to configure smtp correctly. But, it’s possible to create a user and get the invite link from the Pending invites tab on the user admin screen.

  1. Invite a user

  2. Click Pending Invites to see the invite you just created (as well as any you have created previously)

  3. Click the Copy Invite link to get a link you can send to your user, or use to finish setting up the account

  4. Finish the setup



Copy invite (grafana version 5.4.2) seems to copy only the link to the last person invited? I have 8 pending invites and no matter which copy invite button I click, I get the same invite link.

Also, from a UI perspective, there is no acknowledgement that the link has actually been copied to the clipboard.


I’m having the same problem running 5.4.2. Is there any solution?

Fantastic… It worked for me…
I just had to edit the local and change localhost to the ip address of the grafana server b4 I sent it to my users.

If the invite link has port number such as “localhost:3000” simply substitute with IP address only, port number is not needed. This helped me.