Add user without sending Invite in Grafana v7

As I am using Grafana V7, I noticed that adding users is via an invite only? (I hope I am wrong with this). But personally, I want to add users without using internet connections, or without sending invites, is this possible to v7? I do this before in v6, but now the “Add user” button from v6 was replace to “invite user” in v7.

I was confused about this too. There are two places you can config users (at least if you are an admin).

Cog menu item Configuration -> Users goes to that screen you posted above.

Shield menu item Server Admin -> Users goes to another screen where you can add new users without the invite etc.


@colord - I am assuming that only works if you are on Grafana Cloud?

My Grafana 7.1 does not have a shield menu item.


Now I get it. Maybe when you want to add users without the invite you go to
Server Admin -> Users
If you want to invite then you go to Cog Menu -> Users,

Thanks ! Never knew about that Server Admin adding the users, I used to add using the invite.

@koenwindey no, I am NOT on Grafana Cloud. You should see the shield icon if your user has the Grafana Admin permission.

@codlord - you’re right. I didn’t realise there was a difference between the ‘admin’ account and any other account set up as admin…

go figure ?!

It would be great if the interface were improved. This is terribly misleading.