Grafana crashes on Android devices


I have Grafana 5.2.2 on Orange Pi Zero 512MB RAM. After a few hours the browser on Android devices crashes (it says something like “can’t load site”). I’m testing it on 2 devices and on different browsers. I think this problem doesn’t appear on Windows. I’ve tried connecting Orange Pi Zero via WiFi and Ethernet, but the problem is the same in both situations. Any ideas?

Probably memory leak -

Hmm, maybe. But how to solve this problem?

First, you need to confirm it. Monitor browser memory usage and then try to find a dashboard and panel, which cause the memory leak. Very likely it’ll be some 3rd party panel, which has not very good code quality.

I’m only using D3 Gauge and Influx Admin. I will try to monitor memory usage. The memory leak is on Android device, not Orange Pi?

That’s not clear from your vague problem description:

So is it a real browser crash or just network connectivity issue, or grafana service issue?
Generally: increase log levels+check logs, check metrics from monitoring, …

It says that page cannot be loaded. Only the page crashes, not the whole browser.