Grafana contact point Microsoft Teams not sending - TLS error

Created an incoming webhook connector on Microsoft Teams. Then created a contact point in Grafana with URL specified in Teams for the connector. Using Grafana v9.4.3 and behind a corporate proxy. Testing gave the error shown in image with TLS handshake timeout.

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same here, I’m using grafana:10.1.2
looks like there is no env variable that can configure skip tls verification for contact point integration.

really look for a solution

TLS handshake timeout doesn’t indicate a problem with TLS verification.
That looks like a network connectivity issue. OP mentioned corp proxy, so I guess http proxy env variable must be set, so Grafana will initiate connection through proxy.

kind of found the cause, in my case, I need to whitelist the Teams webhook domain in my corp proxy

Thanks for response. Saw other indications since posting that I need to white list the team domain in the corporate firewall. Will try that next.