Grafana CloudWatch - WAF Metric is not visible

i’m using Grafana v4.6.3 (commit: 7a06a47).
I’ve set WAF rule on my AWS account, and tried to trigger it.
The metric in Cloudwatch show values as you can see:

But in Grafana Dashvboard no datapoint is discoverable.

Here is my configuration:

Could you please help me?


Is waf metrics custom or included per default in cloudwatch? Would suggest you to upgrade to Grafana v5.0.1 (if possible) and see if it works better since I know that there have been changes made to the cloudwatch plugin recently.


Hi Marcus,
we tried to update in Grafana 5.0.1 and behaviour is the same.
Thus, WAF cloudwatch WAF metric is a default one (created when WAF is enable).
Furthermore i have same behaviour with a custom metric (DiskSpace Utilization), where is visible on cloud watch but not on grafana.
Cloudwatch screenshot:

Grafana Screenshot

AWS doc:

Metrics are grouped first by the service namespace, and then by the various dimension combinations within each namespace.

=> My guess: you need to configure the service namespace in the CloudWatch datasource configuration.

If there are other things not working I would suggest you have a look at open issues at Grafana github repository and/or submit a bug report issue.


Hi sgreco2002,

I hope this is not late. I just ran into the same issue.

Here’s what I did to make it work: in Dimensions, add Region = xxxxxxxx

According to AWS document:

AWS WAF for Application Load Balancer can use the following dimension combinations:

  • Region, Rule, WebACL
  • Region, RuleGroup, WebACL
  • Region, Rule, RuleGroup

So it seems Region is required in dimensions.

We can also get dimensions for namespace:WAF with aws cli below:

aws cloudwatch list-metrics --namespace WAF --output json

Hope, this will help