Grafana Cloud integrations with dashboards: how to recover a dashboard?

One problem I’m occasionally having is with Grafana Cloud integrations that provide a Dashboard (along with a Datasource and other config). The problem is - sometimes the integration has to be removed and replaced (it has some error that can’t seem to be corrected) - in those cases, my experience has been that when the Integration is replaced, it doesn’t replace the Dashboard that was contributed on the first installation.

The only workaround I’ve currently found for this is to actually delete and replace Grafana in the cloud stack.

So I’m wondering:

  • Is this no-Dashboard-second-integration-installation expected?
  • Is there any workaround to regenerate the integration’s Dashboard, short of deleting the whole stack?

Example: There’s an integration for Confluent Cloud . If I am forced to re-apply this integration, I lose the Dashboard and can’t see how to restore it.

Hi @javabrett!

Uninstalling the Grafana Cloud Integration will remove any pre-built dashboards and alerting/recording rules created for that integration, as you mentioned.

Is there any workaround to regenerate the integration’s Dashboard, short of deleting the whole stack?

Yes, re-installing the integration should recreate the dashboards and alerting rules, but if you would like to make a copy of the dashboards first, the following options are available:

Is this no-Dashboard-second-integration-installation expected?

I don’t believe so. If there are any specific errors you routinely see, or if an integration suddenly stops working, you can create a Support ticket for the team to further review and identify any unknown issues. The panel inspector is also a good tool to quickly check why a query is not functioning or get more details about an error.

Also, I recommend creating a backup copy of the grafana-agent.yaml configuration files when uninstalling/reinstalling the Grafana Cloud Integrations, because using the agent install scripts will overwrite any existing config files!

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Thanks @Melody . I’ve now been shown a way to clean-up the removed integration and starting from the integrations home page, a replacement integration can yield the included dashboard - you just need to be careful of the order you do it in.

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