Reappearing dashboard

Currently I have 1 ( one ) hand-made dashboard.
But, every now and than when I log in to Grafana Cloud, I can see two dashboards ( see below )


Grafana Cloud Home Dashboard
Everytime I delete it, it seems autorecreating after page-refresh.

How can I delete this dashboard for good?


This is a default dashboard in all Grafana Cloud accounts which displays valuable information about your account on the Grafana instance’s homepage. We find that the information here is valuable and often searched for by admin users therefore it is automatically provisioned and displayed for all Free and Pro accounts. It is what you see when you open your Grafana (homepage). It cannot be permanently deleted nor edited.

That said, I can see how seeing the ability to delete it and it come back is confusing. We’ll look into removing the delete button altogether if possible to make it clearer that this dashboard cannot be permanently removed. Thanks for your feedback.