Grafana cloud hangs frequently


I have started facing this problem from the past week or so, when I open my dashboard for the first time, it works fine, then I edit any of the panels and save it and click apply. Then all panels starts reloading
Screenshot 2022-11-07 at 9.56.08 AM
and this is where it gets hanged. Now if I try to edit anything else, it would never give the option to save it.

No matter how many time I reload the page now, my dashboard would be stuck at this loading grafana page

The only way I get able to solve this is by disconnecting my wifi closing the browser and then trying again, when I reconnect the wifi and reopen the browser it works fine.

But I can only edit one panel and it goes back to the hung state. This has become extremely annoying and time wasting, since after editing one panel I need to disconnect and reconect my wifi and shut down and reopen my browser. Anyone has any clues ? Is this some bug ?

I am on chrome latest version if that’s relevant

What is your datasource? Is there a possibility that you are querying more datapoints now (vs a week ago when it was faster)? Has the availability of your datasource (across the Internet) changed in any way?

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Infinity is my datasource, and no such availability has changed

Infinity but with what backend data?

Infinity with just URLs

those URLs fetch some data right? what is that data source behind the URLs
is it rest api of some sort, if so can you share?

The more you share the more we can help

Yes its a rest api, I cannot share the api, but I can tell you that its powered by goleveldb database

At least share the documentation of the api so that we might be able to install it on our side and try it. Otherwise not much we can do. So the issue does not sound like an infinity or grafana but how you are using the api.
Are you filtering it or passing some parameters to it?

Actually it not public, its an api internal to an organization which I cannot share.

But there are different APIs - not just one and it used to work fine with all those APIs in the starting, I have just increased the number of call that my grafana dashboard is now making.

Oh wait ! There is another dashboard which uses public api - I have around 4-5 dashboards - all of them are facing the same issue. I can share the api documentation for that, but I am sure its not the api which is causing the issue (since it used to work fine with those APIs)

I am using this api in another dashboard which is facing the same issue: Query a database

Yes I am passing query params and filtering the response data using UQL

Call the api not through grafana or infinity but maybe through insomnia, postman or curl and share performance stats

It used to work fine? You mean in another version of grafana or what?

Yes it works okay, which is why I mentioned it’s not the API

Like a month ago or so, plus it not one specific API which is causing issue, I above around 20 different apis, if I put only one of these into a grafana dashboard, the dashboard acts the same.

What stats do you need ? Response time ?

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where are these stats from? just pasting an image does not help

You asked for performance stats no ?

Wdym where are these from ? Can you clearly tell me what you need exactly ?

Where did you capture these stats image from?

I hit the api to which I shared the documentation to in Postman

So how are we supposed to know you used postman just from the image? Did you use postman in the server hosting grafana and using that same wifi connection? Now hit that same api with identical parameters using grafana and looking at network tab or other means to see what performance stats look like.