"grafana-client" - A client library for accessing the Grafana HTTP API, written in Python


While we introduced you to grafana-wtf the other day, we never had the chance to tell you about grafana-client. It is the low-level library used by grafana-wtf,


grafana-client » A client library for accessing the Grafana HTTP API, written in Python.


  • grafana-client covers most of the available Grafana HTTP API endpoints.
  • It is largely compatible with Grafana 5.x-9.x [1].
  • Supports HTTP Basic authentication and token-based authentication.
  • Supports communication over HTTP proxies.


The library has originally been conceived by Andrew Prokhorenkov and contributors as grafana_api. We took over development at the beginning of this year.

Release 3.0.0

We just released version 3.0.0 with many contributions from the community, now also available on PyPI. Thank you all for sharing your patches. :sunflower:

Next iterations

In the same spirit, we will be happy to receive feedback from all people feeling they could give the new release a test drive. If you think you know enough Python to contribute some patches in order to fill the missing gaps on the API coverage side, you will be very much appreciated.

At the same time, we like to know about any bugs, flaws, improvements, or ideas which might come to mind about it, so don’t hesitate to share them – either here on this thread, or on the issue tracker at Issues · panodata/grafana-client · GitHub.

With kind regards,

  1. Modulo that earlier versions of Grafana might not support certain features or subsystems (API endpoints). ↩︎


Announcing grafana-client 3.5.0

Hi again,

just checking in for a regular update. Since publishing the original post to announce version 3.0.0 the other day, we’ve conducted six feature- and bugfix-releases, with many improvements from the community [1]. Thanks a stack to everyone who contributed!

With kind regards,

  1. grafana-client/CHANGELOG.md at main · panodata/grafana-client · GitHub ↩︎