Can grafana perform authentication against my application server?

Hi all,

I just had a look at a few of the authentication options which Grafana supports. One of them which strikes my interest is the auth proxy service. From my understanding is that it will not work for my use case, unless I misunderstood its real power.

What I have here is an application server that has an end point, let say /api/token. This API is use for authenticating by doing basic auth (username/password authentication). When the authentication process is successful, an access token is returned with http code 200 (OK) and on fail, it returns http code 401 (unauthorized)

Is there anyway I can configure Grafana to talk to my application server? Obviously this is tough because how would Grafana know what “request format” would my endpoint be expecting? I guess as long as I can make grafana re-direct the authentication credential to my application server and wait for a response from my application server before acting, I guess this will be sufficient for me. Mainly because I can always write a ‘proxy’ application to translate whatever Grafana post and translate it into something my application server can understand.

Does Grafana support this?