Grafana can connect to Influx V2 DB in V1 Mode, but does not see any measurements

Hi there,
I have this problem already posted in the Influx Forum, but had no luck there. So maybe someone here has the right idea and may be able to help me :slight_smile:

I am running Grafana 10.4.1, connected to Influx 2.75, which I had migrated from 1.8 long ago. After the update, I added some new buckets and enabled Influx 1 Access, including retention and DRBD Mapping (according to this post: Unable to connect V1 Clients to InfluxDBV2 - #7 by VlastaHajek) which reportet fine.

Now, I have two instances of Homeassistant, each one populating a different bucket (homeassistant_db and homeassistant2_db). With homeassistant_db everything works fine, I can connect to Grafana and can select all fields.

On homeassistant2_db on the other hand, I can connect the datasource in Grafana, which reports “Datasource connected” but then states “0 measurements”. When checking homeassistant2_db via the Influx Data Explorer, the Data is there. So obviously, Homeassistant is writing the data to the DB in the correct way, but for whatever reason, Grafana cannot read these fields.

homeassistant_db and homeassistant2_db have both been created AFTER the migration (migrated ones carry an “/autogen” in their names). One works, the the other doesn’t, makes no sense to me.

Connection can be established, but Grafana can’t see ANY fields in the DB

Looking up the DB content in the Data Explorer, I can see all the fields (and they have data) I can’t see in Grafana

Any ideas?


Got finally solved in the Influx Forum.

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