Grafana Behind F5/Apache Reverse Proxy


I am scratching my head to fix this issue but still no luck. I get the grafana login page, provide the credentials but it redirects back to login page, 302 redirect in the logs. It complaints if I provide the wrong password.

We have the below architecture

Domain: grafana apps test abc com

User–>F5 (SSL Terminates) -->Apache Reverse Proxy–>Grafana

Apache Config:

RequestHeader Set X-Forwarded-Proto “HTTPS”


protocol = http
http_addr =
http_port = 3000
domain = grafana apps test abc com
enforce_domain = false
root_url = https grafana apps test abc com

I tried many ways but nothing is working. Could you please help me ?

I configured recently grafana behind AWS ELB last week and I didnt touch any settings in grafana.ini but it worked like a charm.

Interesting, I tried to open the link in IE and it works fine, It is not working in Chrome/Edge. Even I cleared all my cookies etc in chrome , strange indeed. It was by chance I tried in IE and it worked.

I downgraded grafan -1 version and all looks good, it seems bug or something with new version