Grafana alerts for help

Why does The Alert’s line not appear near the alarm point, but on the next point?
It looks strange
The latest red alert line is the red circle warning line

It looks like this issue is related to the legacy alerting platform, which is now deprecated. Have you considered using the new Unified Alerting platform in Grafana 9?

blog post: Grafana Alerting: Explore our latest updates in Grafana 9 | Grafana Labs
new docs: Alerting | Grafana documentation
how to migrate: Upgrade to Grafana Alerting | Grafana documentation

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Is version 9.0 or higher

How to change it to the value of the alert

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@jonesliu1127 If you are using Grafana Unified Alerting, please post screenshots of everything on the Alert Rules tab. There you can the name of the alert, as well as adjust the alert timing (which seemed to be related to your original question).

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