Grafana alerts after one event

I set my Rule to evaluate every 10s for 1m, and it doesnt send alert after one event, how can i make it go streight from pending to alert and not wait for another event to occur?

Hi Rutgalchuk, You can use reminders

I have another problem:
I set a rule to alerting if the event happens 3 times in 5 minutes.
but I want him to return from ‘alerting’ to ‘ok’ immediately.
How can I do that?

As I see, the rule is working as you describe, for example wings ~ 12: 02 leaves an alarm, since at that moment, during the last 5 minutes the sum of the data is less than 3.
this happens because you stop taking into account a value that is given approximately 11:57.

Maybe if you describe what you want in another way I can help you.


I want that if an event will occur 3 times in 5 minutes, I will get an alert.
and after I get it, the status “alerting” will be “ok” again immediately.
The situation now is that I get alert after 3 events, but then the status “alerting” still a few minutes, and therefore, if the condition occurs in these minutes, it doesn’t prompt another alert.

How can I make it go back from “Altering” to “Ok” faster?


Mmm I think there is no way, it is always going to happen that the alert will be active for some minutes, which are the difference between the first and second messages.