Grafana Alert - Can it include timeframe values in link?


We have a many alerts setup, which when sent include a link to the Panel that triggered it.

However, the link does not have any values for timeframe, so it just opens in the Default Timeframe of the Dashboard. In most cases this means that by the time the link is used, the incident that caused it is not shown.

I was wondering if there was any way to include timeframe values to the Alert link - for example XX Hours before and after the moment it was triggered.

We are using Grafana Cloud v8.0.3.


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Can you confirm: are you using the new Unified Alerting platform or the legacy platform?

I believe we are using Legacy.

Does it depend on the Visualization we use on the Panel - if it says “(old)”?
If not, where do I see what you asked?

Can either of the versions do what I asked?

I think Grafana Cloud should be using Unified Alerting now. If you see these options, then you are:

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