Grafana 9 - alerting templates

I would like to ask for a general idea for templates in alerting. When we don’t have any dedicated template, the default template is used for creating an alert message. From my experience default format doesn’t suit me. There is too many not necessary information. I want to create my own.

The question is how to connect the new template for an alert. Is it possible? It seems that an alert template could be added to message fields. I am asking in the context of e-mail contact-point.

One of the topics in the community was an example of when information from annotation was used in the message template. But it could be only used for an alert when it was defined. How about the general solution? Is possible to create templates directly in the contact point section?

@osobistezakupy if you want to include labels or values from the alert itself you will want to create a message template and use an annotation to customize how the alert appears.

You can include variables from template data directly in the contact point.