Alert template docs are lacking/don't work (and the new alerts look ugly)

I can’t seem to get alert templating to work with the new unified alerting and the docs aren’t very helpful. Has anyone figured templating out?

Here’s the simplest method I’ve tried that still doesn’t work:

When I send the test notification I get only “Test” not “Test foo”. What am I doing wrong?

welcome to the :grafana: forum, @smatthew31

can you share you alerting config? Are you using a multi-dimensional alert? Are you using template variables?

grafana version would also be helpful.

Thanks for the response! I’m on Grafana 8.3.3 using the new unified alerting system.

Other than that, the alerting config isn’t related to the problem because as shown in the screenshots, I’m testing a contact point with a test alert and I show the test alert tags in the screenshot.

My question is very simple: What are valid template parameters for the “Message” field shown inside the contact point setup UI?