Grafana 8 Notifications Current Value

I am using Grafana 8.0.6 + InfluxDB.
Aleting to slack from Grafana.
Use multi-dimensional rule for notification.

To alerting in slack I see:

  • alertname = Disk usage test
  • env_test = core_test
  • host =
  • path = /


How to add currnet value to notification alert?

Preview alert:


Have you tried {{ $value }}?

Check out this section in the alerting docs on template variables.

Hey @mattabrams , this works for me. But the Value then is unsorted like this: (summary:)

How can you just print the metric and the value. Like the question here:

I am having 5 queries and i tried all other combinations as well but nothing is printing.

Thanks, its work for me.

@pratikdasbaghel1 @masterblaster are your alert rules using a classic condition or are they multi-dimensional? I believe this kind of templating is currently only possible with a multi-dimensional alert rule.

Hey, now i have figured it out. It shows that error but alerting still works. I get the alert notification even though that error keeps coming.

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