Grafana 8 alert on no data

Grafana version: 8.2.1

Im trying to create a multidimensional alert based on the official grafana docs for a group of hosts.
The alert should be triggered if one of the hosts is down / will not report anymore (no data). When using the multidimensional alerts, only the hosts which are reporting are handlet in the alerting. Any idea?

In the attachments you can find how i configured the multidimensional alert.


Found the solution by creating a separate alert with the following promql
up{job=~"windows_scrape",environment="test"} == 0

this will determine if the hosts are not reporting anymore

I have the same problem. But use datasoure influxdb.
Where is create separate alert with the following promql
up{job=~“windows_scrape”,environment=“test”} == 0?

Hi @chrsergey
unfortunately thats a prometheus function. Do not know how it works in influxdb

Maybe you know how to solve this problem?