Grafana 8 Need Alert if NO DATA

I am using Grafana 8.2.2 + InfluxDB.
Aleting to slack from Grafana.
Use multi-dimensional rule for notification.

Need alert, if NO DATA.
In screenshot:


also doesn’t work:

Hey, try to update to 8.3.0?
I was using 8.2.2 with prometheus and also not receiving alerts on this “NoData” state.

It seems like they changed/corrected something without putting it in the changelogs… Because I don’t remember making any changes on my side.

@bentobox I just did the upgrade to 8.3.0 and switched to unified alerting. I am still facing the same problem (Datasource InfluxDB not sending alerts if no data is available)

@bentobox @sebbleroni
I was upgrade to 8.3.0 and I am still facing the same problem too.

I think the problem could be connected to the message content itself. At least for me (I am using Telegram), grafana seems to attempt to send a message, but ultimately fails to do so (see my logs):

t=2021-12-06T12:36:31+0000 lvl=info msg="sending telegram notification" logger=alerting.notifier.telegram chat_id=991107053
t=2021-12-06T12:36:31+0000 lvl=eror msg="Failed to send webhook" logger=alerting.notifier.telegram error="Webhook response status 400 Bad Request" webhook="Test Telegram Alert"
t=2021-12-06T12:36:31+0000 lvl=info msg="level=error component=dispatcher msg=\"Notify for alerts failed\" num_alerts=1 err=\"Test Telegram Alert/telegram[0]: notify retry canceled due to unrecoverable error after 1 attempts: Webhook response status 400 Bad Request\"" logger=alertmanager org=1

The problem can be “fixed” by setting a custom telegram message:

However, now only this message without any information about the alert itself is displayed.