Grafana 8 Alert notifications comes with too much detailed text!

The new Grafana 8 unified alerting settings are quite harsh to get used to … most I got … but the notifications are now too technical and I found no way to toggle off the many text “junk” that comes along (like alertname, instance, etc).

I just needed the description part.

We are designing alert notifications for a not-so-technical team to keep updated with any deviance of their data showed on Grafana … the legacy alerting system worked just fine!

Found nothing here nor online on how to toggle off the details … I would apreciate any help.


I agree. Just created one for discord. But check this out, it might help customize and prettify your alerts

C:\Program Files\grafana-8.5.2\data\alerting\1
in there is an alert template: default.tmpl

There is this also about creating custom templates you can use for alerts

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Hello yosiasz, thanks for the reply,

We are using Grafana as a kubernetes pod, I couldn’t find the path nor the default.tmpl file.

Do you have any idea where is located on the Linux version?