Grafana 7.0 Query Result different with Kibana result in Lucene query format


Just installed Grafana 7.0 and using Elasticsearch 7.6.2.
In the Kibana Discovery using query: summary.down:1 AND, I have the right result, as follow:

Then I use the query in grafana, I got server that not in the query result in Kibana as follow:

Already check the result in kibana, no IP 10.x.x.x, but in Grafana still display.

It’s weird, I have same result when I use the Grafana 6.7.3…
Is it bug?

Fadjar Tandabawana

You can hide these ‘unrelated results’ by switching the “With only zeros” toggle in the “Legend” section of the plugin.

Dear @faolan0, yes I can hide it, but when I use Stat Panel, the result is the same.
It’s not expected result as I use with Grafana 6.x version, It shouldn’t include the unrelated result instead.

BTW, thank you for the hint… I just need to use Stat panel for better visualization of the Down state of the target.

Fadjar Tandabawana

When I copy the old Stat from other dashboard and change the query, the result is right and as my expectation.
I think the script to make the json file in the v7.0 need to improve…