Grafana Elsatisearch Graylog (HELP)

Grafana won’t pull data from elasticsearch directly. I want to search my graylog using only elasticseach and not using Search Query Language like "5b4f8c20ed7993028c6a44e3 NOT nginx_http_version: “HTTP/1.1” NOT nginx_http_version: “HTTP/1.0"”

I would like to search for everything, then group by a certain field and do count but for some reason, it’s not showing. I can see in Query Inspector that the results are correct, but the chart isn’t shown Grafana for whatever reason.

Grafana Screenshots attached. Image1 Image2 Image3

javascript:alert("buckets:Array[2] 0:Object key:"HTTP/1.1" doc_count:353357 1:Object key:"HTTP/1.0"");