Grafana 6.1.2 version UI issue

Grafana Version : 6.1.2

Issue : The grafana log on the top left corner overlaps with the dashboard name in the cyclic mode. This makes difficult to navigate amongst the panels in a dashboard.

Steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Open any dashboard.
  2. Click on ‘Cyclic View Mode’ button.
  3. Now try to edit any panel.
  4. The ‘Back Arrow’ button overlaps with the Dashboard name.
  5. Now if you click ‘Back Arrow’ button , it does not work as expected.

In the previous version (5.4.3) ,upon click of Grafana logo on top left corner would hide the left side bar. That was a good idea. Now it takes you to home page. Not a very good idea.

Most feedback was that clicking on logo should go to homepage, that was what most expected.

Editing panels in TV mode is not supported, TV mode is for non interactive use cases. Should probably block going into edit mode

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Kool. Blocking the editing in the TV mode should also be a fine option.