Grafana 10.2.2 - import image in dashboard using file location , username and password

Can i Serve images from NAS to Grafana dashboard 10.2.2 windows OSS build. I need to use file location , user name and password . Please give me a answer

welcome @vidyalekshmipl1

Which visualization is this in? Also what do you mean by import? Do you mean referencing it in a certain dashboard visualization?

In my Grafana dash board , i need to get some images which contain in another file .Also i want to say my file location user name and Password of that file , is it possible.
I think for visualization i can use canvas or text.

So access to this file requires user name and password?

Yes I need it from another file location

some image contain in another file location . I need to import that image by username , password and path is it possible

you can publish your images in an imageshack space (which can help you generate a public url for your image) then using Text plugin, insert the url in an HTML code

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insert the url in an HTML code , means how can i insert it in Grafana