How to upload images?

Hello and happy new year.

First of all, excuse my English.

I am developing my first plugin in Grafana and I would like to know if it is possible to create a functionality that allows uploading images.

The first thing I’ve tried to do is to select an image from my local pc and display it on screen. I have managed to do this, but then I haven’t been able to interact with it by changing its color according to different metrics.

Since I couldn’t do it, once the plugin was installed, I tried to let the user select an image from their local pc and upload it to the server to save it and then use it in the plugin. But this has not been possible either.

Can you tell me if it can be done in any way? Or is it totally impossible?

Thank you very much.

Grafana-server HTTP api does not allow for uploading of images. You will need to build some kind of backend that can store and serve the images.

I guess when you say I’ll need to build some kind of backend you mean a backend outside Grafana.

yes, I mean outside grafana-server