Got Grafana up and running without persistent volume .... now what?

Hello Grafana community.

I can’t believe it, but it seems I set up my Grafana container without mapping any permanent volumes, data storage, or host binds for sharing data. I’m a sysadmin, I should have known better, but I was so excited to see the shiny graphs that apparently I lost my senses…

So, i’ve been lovingly iterating my dashboards and I have multiple users that are accessing this instance, multiple plugins, Worldping, etc. and I’d love to avoid setting that all back up by hand.

Docker is running on an AWS ec2 instance.

I’ve successfully copied out all the right files and folders and I have them on the host machine… now what?

Thanks in advance.

you just need the grafana.db file found in /var/lib/grafana, copy to same location on host machine and start grafana-server there. if there is already a file there, stop grafana-server and delete it first, then copy in the one saved from docker.

that should get you started.