Getting error in dashboard using elasticsearch as source

hello, using ES as a data source, I am getting errors in the dashboard display. For instance, I get this:

I can visualize some metrics, but then again I get many errors using others, for instance, I try to get information about total documents in elastic… no luck, perhaps I am not starting correctly but still, I get many of queries empty - see picture

also for instance like this:

can anyone point me in the right direction? want to learn it on my own but I kinda got stuck…

thx in advance

There are 2 problems:

  1. In the first picture, select the filed that you need in the terms, you can’t let them select field, just select the field from the index, then you can have the result. Add min doc count : 1
  2. The query was wrong.
    You should define the query like below:
query: cluster_stats: * AND cluster_uuid:$Cluster_UUID

It means you select filed cluster_stats is exist and cluster_uuid from variable Cluster_UUID