Getting a request failed EOF error

I’m running some tests with K6 for a long time, suddenly the test starts throwing some errors from today onwards.
The post request randomly throws an error and I don’t have any clue.

level=warning msg="Request Failed" error="Post \"\": EOF

The response headers and body were empty on the failed request and no 400, 401, 403, 500, 502, and 503 status codes on the Jenkins console log or on the application infrastructure logs.

Docker image

Digest: sha256:c2451c6643fc253f83a938cc4bbef7b6b9d465448da461b410d74b01daf9072f
Status: Downloaded newer image for grafana/k6:latest

Hi @Gerard !

It’s probably related to your server’s configuration that you’re testing.

For example, this can be reproduced on Nginx web server it does not use the option reuseport, or the server hits the limit of the opened files (ulimit).

So I’d recommend investigating & tunning the server options with your ops team.


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