Bad request after iteration is finished

Hi there,
we are experiencing a weird bug on our project where after every iteration is finished, one request drops with an error > response 0.
This is causing a lot of bad requests with bigger runs.
K6 v0.52.0

Here is an example with 5 VU run

Also, here is an example where I interrupted the run before any iteration was finished, and different error is shown

Here is example with 46 interrupted iterations and 46 bad requests

Hey @mlovric !

It’s hard to tell just by looking at the logs :frowning_face:. One thing that I could guess is that response 0 (and EOF) means that the server did not respond but probably closed the connection.

Could you please provide a minimal example of the script you’re trying to run (without any business details)? Has it started recently? Also, what are K6’s flags/options? For instance, what if you run k6 with the no connection reuse setting?


The first line of this picture says that response code is 404. This means that the resource/url you try to access is not exists on the server.