Get panel html from Grafana API to return it to GUI


I am using grafana as docker container on aws ec2 linux instance. I use grafana:latest image.

I want to create API that will get panel html and return it to GUI. So it will be: GUI calls API endpoint and in response gets panel HTML and inject it to IFrame. And it must be done this way because I don’t want to store API Key in GUI in order to call grafana API.

I try to call grafana API or just embedded URL from Share Panel section and I get html data and when I try to see it on web browser this:

I am trying to call simple GET http://localhost:3000/d-solo/<my dashboard id>/<my dashboard name>?orgId=1&from=1676452133769&to=1676473733770&panelId=<panel id> and it returns html but it doesn’t work becuse it thorws errors “Failed to load resource: net::ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND” and shows mulitple .js files.

Maybe I need to do something more in order to get whole panel content that can be injected to iframe?

I have also tried with render path but it does not work either and I want to have graph in iframe not static png.

I expect to get html that I can send to GUI application to iFrame so it can just show graph from panel.