API call to pull embedded iframe data

hi, is there an api call i can use to get the iframe code that allows me to share my panel inside an iframe? for example when i click share -> ebmed on a specific panel, i see the html iframe code that i can copy and paste into a different website to display the grafana data.

is there an api call that can pull the iframe info for all of my panels?

I meaning that is not possible or not viable. The json only contain the struct of the dashboard/panel not the data

But the true is that is posible, you only need copy and paste the json model and call the API with it


      "dashboard": PASTE_HERE

iā€™m trying to create a webpage that will auto embed all the iframes from my grafana server. would the snapshot api call help me do this?

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I think that is not possible, but u can try use scripted dashboard