Get a simple trace link with tempo datasource


With jaeger-query service I can do: https://hostname/trace/2af5bcd3201a5648. We are migrating to Tempo and some of our tools use the above simple link. How can I get a similar link with Grafana tempo?

I’m joining your question as we used to use a data link such as{"ng8": {"datasource":"${__data.fields.env}_apptraces","queries":[{"refId":"A","datasource":{"type":"tempo","uid":"${__data.fields.env}_apptraces"},"queryType":"traceql","limit":20,"filters":"${__data.fields.trace-id}"}]}} to point to the relevant trace.

However, this link broke after we upgraded to 10.x. I have failed to find the new query params to use. It seems that the explore view now want datasource uid (which is difficult to get) or it will not display the trace.

Knowing the span id and the datasource name, what URL should I use to visualize the trace?

Did you look at the Tempo API ? This endpoint should do the trick if I understand correctly

I have looked at the API, it returns json. What I’m want is to jump to grafana explore UI with a trace ID.

Just copy a url with a trace and look at it .,%22queries%22:%5B%7B%22query%22:%22<<<<<TRACEID>>>>>>%22,%22queryType%22:%22traceql%22,%22refId%22:%22A%22,%22datasource%22:%7B%22type%22:%22tempo%22,%22uid%22:%22tempo_uid%22%7D,%22limit%22:20%7D%5D,%22range%22:%7B%22from%22:%22now-6h%22,%22to%22:%22now%22%7D%7D%7D&schemaVersion=1&orgId=1

UrlDecoded :{"DBM":{"datasource":"tempo_uid","queries":[{"query":"<<<TRACEID>>>","queryType":"traceql","refId":"A","limit":20}],"range":{"from":"now-6h","to":"now"}}}&schemaVersion=1&orgId=1

@ovidiubuligan is correct, Explore mode’s URLs contain all information. Go to Explore mode, look at a trace like you would like to see it, copy the URL and replace the TraceID in URL by your parameter