Geomap Panel Lookup Cities

Hi everyone,

I’m using Grafana version 8.4.1 on Centos.

And I’m trying to use the Geomap panel.

I want to know if there is a way to lookup Cities and not only Countrys ?

Also I tried with the Geohash (xn76y4khb187), but nothing happen :woozy_face:

Thanks for your help

It doesn’t make sense to have cities lookup (city names are not unique very often). Let’s say you have city with the name London - where do you place it on the map? There are 29 places around the world called London.

Your geohash is working for me, so I would say you have incorect configuration:

Hi @jangaraj,

Your right about the cities lookup, the idea was to have a location like this : Country/State/City

For the Geohash I don’t understand why it’s not working
I have this metric from prometheus :

{host_id="f********", site="xn76y4khb187"} 15

The table looks correct :

But nothing on the map :

I don’t know. Investigate it: upgrade to the latest stable Grafana version, check errors in the browser console, …

Thanks @jangaraj

It’s working fine with a version 8.3.3 :+1:
It looks that the geohash is not working with Grafana 8.4.x