Geomap panel is missing a flexible anchor point for rotation angle


I’m using Grafana 9.1.2 and I’m tring to show icons on map that will rotate toward a specific direction. The main issue is that I have multiple point in the same location so that the icons will overlap covering by themself losing its sense.
Most of the GIS program use an option to set the anchor point different from the centre, so that the icons will rotate without overlap. I would like to ask if it is possible to achive the same in the Geomap panel in a different way.

Desired vs current rotation

Thank you very much for your suggestions

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To my eyes the directions of the 2 icons are identical n.s e.w

Are you asking about changing to custom icon?

Hi there,
Right the icon’s direction are identical, but they differer on the “rotation point” o “anchor poin”. Grafana rotate the icons around the centre, the result is mostly an overlap, while the other one rotate with anchor point in the bottom and the result is no overlap.

Here an example in a GIS program:

Desired Setting

Desired Result

Thank you

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That sounds like a very nice feature request. but I would venture to guess at the some point even with this feature, if you have a lot of items packed in a certain lo/lat you would still have overlap right?

The above accommodates 4 items max is what I am guessing unless you can do very granular degrees of rotation ?

Yes, we use this option to show directions on a pole, in our case we don’t have more than 6 overlapping points and we do use granular degrees .

Thank you very much for your support, I hope that Grafana may support this feature in the future.

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