Gauge Panel Shows hh:mm:ss, but I only want hh:mm

I am looking for a way to remove the seconds from this display. I suspect that I can do this using an override, but the documentation doesn’t have enough information for me at my level. I’m trying to feel the override feature out on my own, but I could use a little help (please).

This is what I’m doing so far:

I’m using Influx, my query is:

SELECT (("gaugeTime" - "midnight")/1000000000) FROM "measurement"

The numbers driving the current graph are:

gaugeTime(ns) = 1605809501844620000
midnight(ns)  = 1605765600000000000
result(sec)*  = 43902

* decimals omitted

Currently the “12:11:41” is generated using Gauge Panel > Field > Standard Options > Unit > Time > Duration(hh:mm:ss). (There is no option for “hh:mm” in the gauge panel included in 7.2.2).

How can I convert the 43902 seconds to hh:mm, and display it in the graph, while keeping the graph bar display unchanged? (I’ll learn whatever tech I need to make it happen!)