Gauge panel not showing current value

i have been reading to get Max Size i have to the field(Total)

The Problem the blue part is still at the bottom on the left side.
what did i wrong?

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Are you sure that the 131 GiB value being returned is NOT a string? More here.

Hello @grant2
i think same problem - how do i find out it is a string or not? and how to modifiy it.
The Value came from a telegraf input into the influxDB 1.8
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What language did you use for telegraf. Did u convert that unit of data to int when writing it to influxdb?

You can also try this…

@grant2 your information worked finde like this!
@yosiasz thanks for your feedback too, no i did not changed the data, collect send telegraf to influxDB into Grafana. i do not know where to change it and how!
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