Future Forcast influx/grafana

I am trying to figure out how to do this and thought Influx would help but I can not figure it out…

I have multiple network switches that I have used ports and open ports for several years. I would like to forecast a potential date when the switch ports will be exhausted based on previous trend data

Something like the following but I cant figure out how to continue a trend to the future.

InfluxDB offers built-in Holt-Winters function for prediction. You may use it

Of course there is many methods for prediction and they may provide better prediction. You may use also machine learning. But I guess built-in holt winter prediction will be good for your almost linear data.

I was reading that initially and trying it out… but I could not get the graphs to extend past the current date… Even when I did current year in the time picker. It “appears” that it stopped the graph from moving into the future . I have been trying to read up on that function (and why I went with influx is I thought it would do what I wanted or the mysql window function in 8.x)