Four graphs with automatically matching maximum's

I’m using Grafana v9.5.8 and I’m gathering similar data (essentially an input and an output rate) from four systems, and using Grafana to display it as multiple Time Series graphs in a line next to each other.

As the data rate’s fluctuate per system, I’d like to keep a consistent Maximum on the Y-axis across all of the systems.

I’ve achieved that by setting the Standard Option → Max the same across each of the graphs, but what I would like to do, is to leave that at auto, and have each of the systems automatically respect the highest maximum in the group, if that’s possible.

Is there some sort of macro I might be able to use here, something I can derive from this group of four, so that these four graphs can share that one maximum.

I’m hoping that this is easy and that I’ve just not found the right phasing to search for yet, can anybody point me in the right direction to achieve this?

Explore transformation Config from query result. You can set “dynamic” max there.