Format char field qty minutes to HH:MM format

Dear Grafana Gurus,
I have a value in an MSSQL table, char with a number that expresses the number of minutes.
I want to see it in HH:MM format.

With the query I achieve it this way: DATEADD(minute, EXECUTION_TIME_MINUTES, 0), 108) as TIME,

converting for example 234 into 03:54 or 23 into 00:23

Is there a way to do the same with the native Grafana Builder?

You can change the unit to duration in seconds:

or to hh:mm:ss

Thanks for that Tip,
I forgot to mention that I have the field inside a table, how could I make this configuration for a column of the table?

Sorry and thank you


I was able to configure it with an override of the field and with your configuration.

Thank you very much greetings

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