Flux - value names all now start with "_value"?

A recent change means that value names all now seem to start with “_value”, which is actually the name of the Influx v2 column which holds the name.

Does anyone know if this was a change in Grafana or in Influx?

It’s broken a load of my dashboards, and I can’t see an obvious way to fix it.

Nobody else seeing this?

I found a partial fix - set the Display Name to ${__field.labels.name} - but this doesn’t work when sharing data across panels.

I’ve experienced this exact issue as well. Your solution worked for me.

For anyone else experiencing this issue, ${__field.labels.name} may not be correct for all cases. In the “Display name” field, you can put “${__field.labels}”, which should show you a map of labels available. In my case, it showed host=“server1” on the panel, so the correct “Display Name” for me was “${__field.labels.host}”