${__field.name} results in a "Value" label as opposed to the data's name

According to this page on Standard Field Options, I should be able to enter in ${__field.name} in as my “Display Name.” For some unknown reason, this results in the right-most label for each data column to be labeled as “Value” as shown in the below screenshot.

Below is a screenshot of my Query Inspector. It shows that the name for my data is “application_state_3” which is what I would expect the label in Grafana to show. Why isn’t the Grafana label in my state timeline “application_state_3” and where is this “Value” label coming from?

I’ve also tried putting ${__field.labels.name} in as the Display Name. That just results in exactly what I typed in (i.e. ${__field.labels.name} ) to become the label.

I am using Grafana through my Chrome browser, not sure if that matters.

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